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About the company

The history of the South Bohemian company Celox, although short is rich with achievements and has begun in 1990. Since then has this Czech firm, which was later changed into a joint stock company, become one of the leading distributors of printing paper and board in the country.

The company Celox distributes paper, board, cardboard in all sizes and weight needed, to manufacturers of packaging and business in the printing industry. And all of that while having the highest standart of quality and at the same time keeping the price interesting. Our sortiment consists of paper, cardboard and board and is of Czech and foreign manufacturing, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Germany and last but not least manufacturers from Belgium, France or Poland. This website will tell our customers a lot about the quality and the width of our sortiment. We would like to emphasise that our sortiment is constantly being restocked, so we are able to satisfy many customers wishes.

But not even the largest catalogue can show the flexibility and helpfulness of Celox and that includes even deliveries of non standard paper and sizes. Delivery dates according to the customer, a delivery to the customer and size according to the needs of customers is a matter of course for us. But we offer something more. Thanks to a perfect overview of individual businesses and their production focus, gained through years of personal face-to-face communication, we can recommend the most suitable kind of material for each order. We care about the quality of the final product just as much as our customers, because we think of their products as if they were our own.

There is a saying in Czechia that says: “Paper can carry it all”. Our hope is that it will carry wise words or beautiful images and that it will bring happiness to all that come to contact with the final product. We try to contribute to this happiness and we thank the people that work with us on this contribution.

Company’s management

Jiří Reisner
Chief executive officer

Celox a.s.

Vrbenská 199/25
370 01 České Budějovice
Czech Republic

tel: +420 737 243 392